• Starts siphon with a single stroke.
  • Made out of Acrylic. BPA Free.
  • Include the Anti-Sediment Tip.

To prolong the life of your Easy Siphon, make sure that every time you assemble the unit, the inner walls of the outside acrylic tube and the O-Ring are wet.

This product is not resistant to high levels of alcohol. Do not sanitize with alcohol.

Maximum Temperature: 60 °C (140 °F).

They are available in the following sizes:
  • 3/8”: Racking tube fits a standard 5/16" x 7/16" hose. Includes a 24" racking tube
  • 1/2”: Racking tube fits a 7/16" x 9/16" siphon hose. Includes a 27" racking tube


Q. My Easy Siphon draws air while transferring?
A. If air is coming from the bottom (O-Ring) you can do the following:

  • Check your Anti-Sediment Tip, in case there is some sediment there.
  • Reduce the siphoning height to 20 to 28" above your transferring level.
  • Give the inner tube a twist with your hand.
  • Make sure that the Center Tube with Seal is below the wine/beer level.

If air is coming from the hose connection, make sure you have the right size of hose (see product description for right hose size).

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