2 in 1 Bottle Washer

Wine Maker Magazine quoted this product as a “must have.”
  • It allows you to wash (rinse) 12 wine/beer bottles at the same time.
  • It easily attaches to a ¾ NPT threaded faucet (regular garden tap). (Some faucets may require an adapter - available at your home brew or hardware retailer.)
  • Fits most sink sizes and popular glass bottles.
  • BPA Free

For PET bottles you should use the specially designed PET Tray.

Stack up to 4 trays for drying.

Bottles must have same height in each tray to stack up.

Bottle Tray size: 15.5" x 11".
Maximum Temperature: 75 °C (167 °F).

The following accessories are available:
Extra Bottle Trays

Extra trays available to speed up the sanitizing and rinsing process.

Extra P.E.T. Trays

Trays for the PET bottles are available.

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