All-in-One Champagne Stopper

Our new All-in-One Champagne Stopper presents an upgrade from all other Champagne Stoppers! Having its own plastic cover in place of a wire, this stopper can withstand up to 90 psi of pressure. It is a BPA free food grade stopper, that can be re-used as a regular champagne stopper after its first use.

For standard Sparkling bottles.
  • Easy to use. NO NEED OF WIRE HOOD as hood comes with the Stopper.
  • Pushed in with a mallet and out by hand (after peeling the hood).
  • Recyclable.
  • Reusable, in this case highly recommended the usage of wire hood after first use).
  • Plastic fins secure the stopper and stands up to 90 psi of pressure.
  • BPA free and made with food grade materials.
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