Metal Carboy Handles

Our Metal Carboy Handles, will allow you to get-a-grip when washing and sanitizing your glass carboys. As it is rubberized, vinyl coating makes it easy for wet hands to hold. Very handy when dealing with soapy glass or keeping carboys steady when moving them. It fits securely underneath the lip of the carboy and tightens down with the simple turning of a wing-nut.

Not meant for carrying full carboys.

  • The Orange Carboy Handle will work with either 3, 5 and 6 gallon Glass carboys.
  • The Blue Carboy Handle will work for the 6.5 Gal Glass Carboys.

NOTE: This product comes packaged in a plastic bag- it is our hope that you re-use this bag to repackage the product after each use to protect it from dust. It is NOT our intention that they are a single-use bag.

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