Grain Mill

Use this for efficiently cracking (grinding) malted and non-malted barleys, corn, grains, spices, beans, coffee, peanuts, etc.
  • Our Grain Mill has a plate depth adjustment to control the intensity of the grinding.
  • This is a very affordable solution for all grinding (cracking) needs.
  • It comes with a large volume Hooper and a hand crank.
  • Made from polished cast iron.
  • Can be clamped or bolted to a tabletop.

Weight: 4.9 kg (11 lb)

Q. How can I adjust the grinding distance?
A. See the video for detailed information about that.

Q. Is this product Food Grade?
A. Yes. It is coated with a thick plate of pure tin.

Q. Should I sanitize the Grain Mill before use it?
A. Yes, you should sanitize it the same way you sanitize all your home brew equipment and clean it after each use.

Q. What sort maintenance is required?
A. Basically it does not need any maintenance. Simply apply Food grade lubricant to the moving parts.

Q. Where can I find the assembly instructions? The box did not come with any paper instructions?
A. Printed on the box are the assembly instructions. You can also find all parts and instructions on our website in the Manual section or you can download it from this page (Above).

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