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P.E.T Carboys

These are the ideal carboys for passionate beer and winemakers.
  • Our Carboys do not use any plasticizer and are made with 100% Virgin material. Made with Food grade materials and BPA free.
  • Ideal for secondary fermentations of both wine and beer.
  • Also perfect for bulk aging wine.
  • Completely taste and odour-free. It is also stain resistant.
  • There are no ribs on the sides to collect yeast or sediment.
  • Therefore it is very easy to clean, inside and out.
  • Impermeable to oxygen.
  • Safe to reuse over and over, if properly sanitized before and after each use.
  • Takes our # 10 stopper.
  • All three carboys can stand up to 15 psi of pressure.
  • Made in Canada.

We do not recommend to lift the carboy from the side when it is full. To lift it, place one hand on the bottom and the other on the neck.

Do not clean carboy with water hotter than 53ºC (127ºF).

Carboys are available Plain or Ported in the following sizes:
  • 23.3 Lt (6.1 Gallon) * – Diameter 284 mm (11.1”), height 505 mm (19.8”)
  • 19.2 Lt (5.1 Gallon) * -Diameter 263 mm (10.3”), height 476 mm (18.7”)
  • 12.0 Lt (3.1 Gallon) * - Diameter 230mm (9”) , height 396 mm (15.5”)

* Volume is measured to the base of the neck. With water at sea level and 20 C.

In ported carboys, the hole is 2" high.

NOTE: This product comes packaged in a plastic bag- it is our hope that you re-use this bag to repackage the product after each use to protect it from dust. It is NOT our intention that they are a single-use bag.

Note: we do not sell our products directly.

If your local retailer does not carry our products, feel free to e-mail us so we can direct you to the nearest retailer.
If you are a retailer, please let your preferred wholesaler know about your needs.