Samplers (Basters)

Allows you to take hydrometer readings with no siphoning or pouring.

Our samplers come fully assembled and individually packaged in a plastic bag.

  • BPA Free

Length: 18 1/4"

Draws: Over 2.0 oz.

Two options available:
  • Plastic
  • Stainless Steel

Cleaning Tips for Stainless Steel products:
  • Don’t use chlorine or any sanitizing solution that contains chlorine.
  • Don’t forget to rinse. Residue from cleaning solutions can stain or damage the finish.
  • Towel-dry the product after rinsing.
  • Gritty or hard water can stain the product.

NOTE: This product comes packaged in a plastic bag- it is our hope that you re-use this bag to repackage the product after each use to protect it from dust. It is NOT our intention that they are a single-use bag.

Note: we do not sell our products directly.

If your local retailer does not carry our products, feel free to e-mail us so we can direct you to the nearest retailer.
If you are a retailer, please let your preferred wholesaler know about your needs.