Spigot/Drum Tap

Also known as Easy On/Off Spigot.
  • Requires a 1" drilled hole on the pail or container to be installed.
  • The unique feature of our spigot is a locking handle that allows the user to press to pour or press down to lock for hands-free flow.
  • BPA Free.

The spigot could be connected as follows:
  1. Attach our 1/2" Gravity Bottle Filler or the 1/2" Dual Bottle Filler into the spigot and it becomes a bottling spigot.
  2. Insert our optional adapter into the spigot and attach a 7/16"ID x 9/16" OD hose to transfer from fermentor to any other container.
  3. For high flow rates, attach a 1/2"ID hose to the outside of the Spigot (We recommend to clamp it).

For cleaning screw off the top portion (blue handle).

Maximum Temperature: 65 °C (150 °F).

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