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MonsterBrite Plate Filter

The Vintage Shop MonsterBrite Plate Filter has two gaskets (O’Rings), perfectly sealing the inner ring with both plates.
  • Easy to assemble, has a unique fastening system, the filter plates have slots instead of holes.
  • The surface area of this filter will extract more yeast and particles than other commonly used filters.
  • The MonsterBrite Plate Filter requires 8.75" diameter pads (not included). For each filtering session you will require two filter pads, of the same micron.
  • For filtering you can use The Vintage Shop Pressurized 3.5 Gallon Tank, an electric pump (test with water first), or any other mechanism to push the wine/beer through the filter. Also you can filter by gravity (check videos on this website).
  • BPA Free
  • Maximum Temperature: 75 °C (167 °F).
  • Vynil hoses that are included along with this product are not designed to stand high levels of alcohol however the red plate and inner ring are able to cope with high levels of alcohol.


Q. Why Filter Beer or Wine? A/ Filtering is mostly for looks, but can affect taste and shelf life as well.
A. Filtered beer or wine has a sparkling commercial appearance. Filtered beer with little or no yeast content will also age differently, and will not pick up yeast flavours from the sediment in the bottle (or Keg).

Q. What is the main difference between this filter plate and the Cartridge filters?
A. Our MonsterBrite Plate Filter has a large surface area that catches more yeast than the cartridge-type filters, and remove more haze causing particles. Besides, the filter pads are way cheaper than cartridges. You can also change to a fine filter pads if you really want to polish your wine or beer,or simply use a coarse filter pad to remove big particles.

Q. Can I use a CO2 pressure tank to push beer through the Filter?
A. Yes. Check with your retailer what extra hardware may be required.

Q. Will this filter work with gravity?
A. YES, our filter works by gravity.

Below some filtering times (these times change depending on the wine/sediment and filtering head) but could give you some idea:

  • Coarse filter pad for 23 litre of heavy red wine takes approx. 10 minutes.
  • Medium filter pad for the same wine takes approx. 16 minutes.
  • Fine filter pad for the same wine takes approx. 25 minutes.
  • For super fine filter pad (we had to increase the head to help) it takes approx. 2 hours.

The following accessories are available:
Hex Plate And Nut Plate

Replacement MonsterBrite plate filter. See picture to identify which side of the plate you need.


Replacement o'ring for the MonsterBrite plate filter. It is advisable to replace this element from time to time to avoid leakages.

Replacement Center Plastic Ring

Replacement part for the MonsterBrite plate filter. Rounded plastic part made out of strong food grade abs plastic.

Replacement Nut/Bolt Set 6

Replacement black plastic nut, bolt and s/s nut for the MonsterBrite plate filter.

'Y' Connector

Replacement "y" connector for MonsterBrite plate filter. Over time this element could break.

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If you are a retailer, please let your preferred wholesaler know about your needs.

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